About Us


Steve Haarmann Pat Haarmann

The Haarmanns  have specialized in developing and maintaining plans for builders and developers since 1991.   

Steve has  experience as both a designer and builder in Georgia and South Carolina.   This has given him a vast knowledge of the special needs and problems that builders face.   

Providing high quality construction documents at affordable prices , and working on "The Builders Team" helps ensure that the builder has accurate, up to date, and understandable working drawings for his trades to interpret and construct. 

With a timely turn around,  the construction process begins earlier, and changes are made quickly and efficiently so as to not stall the process once it begins. 

Whether developing  starter homes, custom plans, a complete product line, or revising " redline changes", at DesignWorks our goal is to provide individualized services that fit each Builder's needs.